100 Day Project: round up and learnings

Throughout most of the 100 Day Project, I’d round up my 100 Day Project pieces from the previous week on a Sunday.

Since it’s been a couple of weeks since it finished, I thought I’d share my reflections and realisations from my first time doing the 100 Day Project, along with some of my favourite pieces.

I absolutely love some of these mini paintings and can see the techniques I used cropping up in other paintings going forward.

Oh, and all these mini paintings are available to buy - check out the highlight on my Instagram profile to see all 100 paintings 😊

So here’s what happened…

1. I painted every day

I quickly developed a daily painting habit, which I hadn’t been expecting – not so quickly, anyway. I got very used to painting every day, to the point where I started to get itchy fingers if I was busy with my day job and hadn’t managed to fit it in by the end of my lunch break.

Without giving it too much thought, I’ve painted most days since finishing my project. It’s definitely an ingrained habit now and that makes me very happy.

2. I learnt the value of batching

Batching is definitely the way to go to make life easier, even though it felt like cheating (🙄) when I first started doing it.

I’d start a week’s worth of mini paintings at once when I realised doing this would allow me to build up more layers without having to paint in multiple sessions each day to allow the layers to dry.

It was definitely a time saver, but it also allowed me to easily build up more layers in my pieces when I wanted to.

3. I started working in themes

I found myself working with weekly themes, such as using a particular style, a limited colour palette or using a specific mark each day.

Far from being restrictive, I found some of my favourite pieces came from the weeks where I’d narrowed down exactly how I would paint.

It also made it easier to paint my pieces in a shorter time frame, as there were fewer options and fewer decisions to make.

4. It stopped me being a perfectionist

I stopped second guessing every mark. Painting a mini piece each day doesn’t allow for dwelling too much on if it’s finished or ready to be seen in public!

As something of a perfectionist, this was tough in the beginning, but by the end it felt really freeing – and it’s something I’m aiming to hold onto for as long as possible.

5. I found out just how much I love acrylic ink

I love acrylic ink more than I initially thought (and I already knew I liked it a lot 😂). My 100 Day Project helped me discover more techniques and effects that are possible with it.

I just wish it was possible to buy it in bigger bottles!